in road construction - smaller crushed stone
• For hydraulic structures - larger crushed stone
the dams of stone nabacaj, breakwaters, etc.. - Very large stone
Concrete - crushed and ground stone
Masonry - coarse and fine cut stone


Solution of the technological process Vujic Brezovica

Solving the technological process is carried out by studying the process map or flowchart.

The basic principles for the development of the production process:

eliminate the fragmentation of the stone by hand (primary
overload the washing plant (crushers and mills) should be
be uniformly
possibly predict a double chain of processing for
the supply chain required to predict the regulators -
landfill or silos
machines never bother processed material
is smaller than any given machine
Avoid return flows whenever possible
in parallel with the processing handled and other auxiliary
processes; dusting, cleaning materials and dehydration
whenever possible using the force of gravity

Degrees of processing stone materials

For the production of aggregates for concrete (high) is needed
complete processing of crushed stone.

The stages of processing stone materials:

Primary processing - separating the coarse material for

Secondary processing - the material is crushed and milled to
give the required grain size distribution

tertiary processing - which has a surplus of grains are crushed and
sieved to obtain those fractions which

Primary processing level

Processing and crushing of raw materials;

primary crusher

For practical reasons, the primary crusher is usually in the quarry.

The first level of processing is obtained by approximately 10-20% of the fractions smaller than 7 mm. When you need a larger quantity of smaller factions proceed to the second stage of processing.

Secondary level processing

Secondary level of processing excess larger fraction
process to fill the shortfall in smaller fractions.
If a secondary level of processing and final, you first need to separate the fractions are processed.
When screening is done and wash the stone material. Washed and sieved material in certain fractions shall be deposited in landfills or in silos.

Finest fractions are obtained below the sieve, together with the last
of water (dehydration).

Tertiary level of processing

High demands with respect to aggregate grain size

Machines for processing stone materials

Types of machines:
the excavation: compressors, drills, excavators and

Mincing: crushers and mills and feeders
conveyor belts

screening: grids and hidroseparatori

purification: dehydrators for separating water from
materials, equipment for cleaning materials and cyclones for